Annual Children's Crusade

2017 Information

Since 2013 it has been the vision of the Missouri District Sunday School Department to see a children’s crusade in Missouri each year; and through your faithful giving to Save Our Children, our vision is able to be realized. The purpose of these annual crusades is to enable children to be connected to Jesus Christ and for souls to be filled with the Holy Ghost through an Acts 2:38 experience. Thank you for your continued support to help us truly “Save Our Children”.



 73 Children Were Filled With The Holy Ghost In The 2017 Crusade


Mo District Teacher of the Month

Each month we are honoring one teacher from a section as the MO District Teacher of the Month. To nominate a teacher for teacher of the month, download this form and submit it with your Pastor’s signature to your Sectional Leader.

2016 Teacher of the Year
Sis. Carla Parmer

Sis. Carla has devoted nearly twenty years to the service of Christian Education at Harvest Ministries in Springfield, Missouri. She brings a very unique touch to any classroom. She is known around her church for her very high level of creativity. Her students are richly blessed with her hands on take in the areas of crafts and storytelling. She helps to make the Bible fun and engaging no matter the age of any student. Another wonderful aspect Sis. Parmer brings to the table is her willingness to help out when needed.


Section 1
Lorinda Tubb


Section 2
Melissa Letner


Section 3
Ruth Brickley


Section 4
Wilma Barker



Mickaylie Rowlett
Section 5


Lynda Lee Bowen
Section 6


Chris Blackwell
Section 7


Kay Hance
Section 8


Merna Appleton
Section 9


Section 10


Section 11